1. How long have they been actively engaged in real estate investing?
  2. What is their track record?
  3. How long have they been doing syndications?
  4. What locations do they invest in?
  5. How well do they know the local market they are currently investing in?
  6. Which asset classes do they invest in?
  7. How many years of experience do they have with a particular asset class?
  8. Do they put your own money into your deals?
  9. Did they ever have a deal go bad? If so, how did they handle it?
  10. Are they sponsoring any other investments? If so, how many?
  11. How do they structure their deals? Is there a preferred return? Do they use change the split between the general and limited partners after certain threshold?
  12. Do they allow for accredited investors only in their syndications?
  13. What are their sponsor fees?
  14. How long are they usually holding an asset for?
  15. What is their common investment strategy?

(Source – 2018 CBRE The Case for Workforce Housing Report)