90 Units in Tucson, AZ

A Passive Multifamily Investing Opportunity

90 Units, $56,722 per unit

$250,000 Minimum investment

14.25% Projected Annualized return

18 month timeline    


It’s Time To Make A Difference
Bakerson is set to to improve yet another community. 
 Will you join us? 

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Only a Few Spots Left

Don’t miss out on this deal!

Bellevue Tower is an amazing property. This property was purchased for it’s value-add opportunity. With its location, unit styles, and unit sizes, this property is amazing for the workforce community. The current occupancy is at 90+%.

The property management company with whom we are partnering will deliver similar or better results with increased rents and lower expenses; especially payroll expenses.

We will implement a rent premium based on a unit’s premium offerings.

We will be implementing a RUBS system complex-wide.


The Time is Now

The deadline to fund is November 15, 2019.

View the Project Overview PDF